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Maintenance of Retainer

When the aligners are removed, your orthodontic treatment does not stop. Retainers are necessary for maintaining the stability of your new tooth arrangement. Braces or aligners push the teeth back into the mouth, causing bone loss in the back of the mouth. You must wear your retainers for a period recommended by your dentist in order to preserve your new appearance. Patients are frequently required to utilize these products for the rest of their lives. The time frame can be as short as three months, depending on the circumstances. Retainers are only worn on occasion, usually three to five times each week, by individuals who wear them their entire lives. Maintaining the condition of your retainers is essential to preserving your new smile.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with tips to take proper care of your retainers.

Cleaning Your Retainers Daily Is Important

Treat your retainers as though they were your natural teeth! After each use, gently scrub your retainer with a toothbrush and water. Brushing your retainer with toothpaste is not recommended since toothpaste can be abrasive and produce scratches, making it challenging to keep your retainer clean.

Wearing Your Retainer Often Is A Must

Use your retainer as frequently as your orthodontist recommends. Maintaining your perfect smile is much easier if you keep your retainer upright. Retainers are only effective if you utilize them.

Heat Should Not Be Applied To Your Retainer

Your retainer will only be effective if it is properly fitted! Your dentist will make it with the ideal support for your mouth, but it is up to you to keep it that way. Avoid placing your retainer in a hot setting, such as a hot automobile or a windowsill. It’ll either melt or wrap. Never put a retainer in boiling water. You may believe that boiling the retainer will make it as clean as possible, but the heat will destroy it.

Keep The Retainer Away From Your Pets

Yes, you adore your canine companion, but they have an uncanny capacity to chew retainers. Always keep your retainer safe and away from dogs.

Do Not Napkins On Your Retainer

It’s easy for your waiter or you to discard your retainer in the garbage if you wrap it in a napkin during meals. Keep your retainer in its storage box to avoid it from getting thrown in the bin.

Soak Your Retainer

Soak your retainer to give it an extra cleaning. You can purchase a retainer cleanser in tablet form or prepare your own cleaning solution by using one part sodium hypochlorite with ten parts water. After soaking for 5-10 minutes, your retainer will be spotless.

It Is Advisable To Replace Your Retainer When Needed

Even the best-made retainer will ultimately break down. Contact your dentist if you notice that your retainer is deteriorating or behaving oddly. Replacing your retainer when it wears out is a crucial element of keeping your smile healthy.

Brush Your Teeth Before Putting On The Retainer And After Taking It Off

Brush your teeth before and after putting on your retainer. If you put your retainer on dirty teeth, they will become dirty much more quickly, which is bad for your dental health.

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