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You may have heard plenty of myths about root canals, which can increase your stress and anxiety about the procedure. But the truth is that millions of people have root canal treatment every year. When researching root canal treatment in Tinley Park, Orland Land Park area, knowing the facts can help you make more informed decisions and put your mind at ease.

Root Canal Treatments Save Teeth

When a tooth is deeply infected, the only way to save it may be by removing the nerve, cleaning out the bacteria, and sealing the tooth. This is called root canal treatment, and when your dentist places a dental crown on top of the tooth, it functions like a normal tooth.

Dentists do whatever they can to save teeth and not extract them. Preserving your natural tooth is more affordable and avoids invasive procedures to replace the tooth.

Root Canal Treatments Are Painless

When someone wants to convey something that’s painful, root canals are the go-to metaphor. But the truth is that you won’t feel any pain during a root canal treatment. Modern technology, local anesthesia, and a dental office that makes you feel comfortable all contribute to making this procedure routine.

The tooth area will be a little sore after your root canal treatment, but the pain you felt from the infection will be gone. After the inflammation decreases, the wound will heal, and you’ll feel better than before!

Infected Teeth Aren’t Always Painful

When dentists look at your teeth using x-rays, they can see areas of decay at the root level. Sometimes infections result in a pimple-like bubble called a fistula, which drains fluid from the infected area. In this case, you may still need a root canal, even if the tooth doesn’t hurt.

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