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Composite tooth bonding, also called dental bonding, is an inexpensive cosmetic dentistry option that conceals tooth flaws. It is a great way to hide chips, discoloration, minor shape abnormalities, and more.

Your cosmetic dentist in Tinley Park , IL , can typically complete dental bonding during a single office visit. This makes it ideal if you need an enhanced smile quickly—just in time for family photos or a vacation.

How Does Dental Bonding in Tinley Park Work?

Using the same material we rely on for tooth-colored fillings, your dentist conceals and sculpts, buffering out tooth imperfections and enhancing your smile aesthetics.

We apply the composite resin to the tooth or teeth you’d like to treat. Your dentist can fill chips, cancel dark spots, and close smaller smile gaps by working in layers. Then, we set the new tooth appearance with a special light and finish with a thorough polish.

Composite is one of the least expensive dental materials, making it an excellent choice to fit your budget.

In some cases, we incorporate bonding into a full smile makeover that can include other options like:

Dental implants

Teeth whitening

Dental veneers

Dental crowns

Keeping Up Your New Smile

Composite is easy to care for. You brush and floss as before and visit your Tinley Park dentist every six months for your dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

You can also maintain the bonded color by eliminating or lowering your intake of tooth-staining foods like:

Coffees and teas

Red or dark wines

Red or dark sauces

If you do indulge, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward.

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