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A root canal is one of the most misunderstood procedures that most patients initially hate. But know that if experts perform it proficiently, you can return to your normal eating within no time. Additionally, it is also less painful than all other surgeries. When advised for a root canal, many patients refuse due to fear of extreme pain. But that’s not true. Hence being aware of the procedure, how it’s done, and what are its results is crucial.

Additionally, selecting the right dentist is also important. Bayberry Dental Care can be a great choice when looking for a dentist in Tinley Park, IL. This text will shed light on what happens in a root canal treatment.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure when the centre part, the tooth’s pulp, is infected. Pulp is known to have blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. This procedure is extremely necessary when you want to protect your damaged teeth from further infection. Although you can get your tooth extracted, it would be more painful than a root canal procedure. If you want root canal surgery, go for a specialist such as Ideal Smiles Dental Care. Getting treatment through a specialist can ensure that you get the best results. 

Tooth damage can be caused by cavities, plaque, broken teeth, gum disease, or previous tooth treatments. This treatment generally aims at clearing inflammation, infection, and damage to the pulp in the tooth. Also, you should know that some damage to the pulp is irreversible; hence make sure that you take care of your teeth. Also, choose a proper and qualified dentist in Tinley Park IL , to avoid mishaps. A root canal can be painful at times but less than a tooth extraction. But it will decrease with time, and you will feel great once it’s completely restored. 

How Is The Root Canal Procedure Conducted?

The root canal procedure needs two or more sitting for precise results. The number of sessions you will need might depend on the condition of your tooth. Also, you will have to spare about 35-90 minutes per sitting. You might imagine it is a painful procedure, but thankfully it is not. Here’s how dentists conduct a root canal:

At first, anesthesia is given to the patient to reduce the discomfort. 

Once it’s done, the tooth will go numb, and the dentist will start to drill through the crown to get to the pulp chamber. For the front tooth, the dentist will always drill from the end of the tooth. 

Later he will use files to clean the infection or dead pulp inside the canal. Know that this procedure won’t be much pain due to anaesthesia. Later the dead tissue is not removed. 

After removing all the dead tissues and infections, the dentist will disinfect the canal. 

Later he will give a shape to the canal using an instrument so that they can fill it. Gutta-percha is filled in the canal, and later it is sealed.  

Before sealing, they use irrigation to remove debris from canals. A temporary material is placed over the filling to cover it. 

Later that covering is replaced by a crown which gives it the look of normal teeth. 

In the end, they cement the crown to make it fixed. 

How Successful Is Root Canal Treatment?

The success ratio of root canal procedures is higher, and there are fewer chances of experiencing adverse effects if you choose a specialist. For instance, Bayberry Dental Care can be a great choice if you are looking for a dentist in Tinley Park IL. This treatment is generally for cleaning any damage to the root canal. It will help you remove any infection or dead roots. Almost 9 out of every 10 treated teeth will survive more than 8 years. Also, if you want successful high rates, ensure you get a crown placed on the tooth. It will improve the survival rates of the tooth. 

Also, if you maintain oral hygiene and clean teeth, they will last longer. Post-oral care is very necessary after you undergo a root canal. Know that how long your tooth will survive after a root canal will depend on various factors such as: 

How many natural teeth do you have 

How clean your teeth are 

The biting forces that you apply 

And if you have an infection even after a root canal, you can get this treatment again. Also, if an efficient expert does the procedure with high precision and the infection persists, you can get surgery to get the root tip out. It will help treat infection, and you won’t need any other procedure. 

Will A Person Needs Follow Up After Root Canal? 

Know that once the effect of anesthesia fades away, you might feel pain and soreness in the teeth. And many times, you might also face swelling. Hence dentists will generally predict over-the-counter pills to help reduce pain and swelling. If the pain you experience becomes unbearable, you will have to consult your dentists immediately. You can easily resume your normal work from the next day of the procedure. The only care you will have to take is to avoid chewing with the teeth treated. Also, you will have to check with the dentists after a few days regularly. 

Your dentist will conduct an x-ray to know if there is an infection that persists in the tooth. Later they will change that temporary filling with permanent ones. And if you want, your root canal surgery expert can also place a permanent crown over it. Crowns are nothing, but artificial teeth made up of different materials. Although it will take some time to get adequate to it later, it will look normal. Hence it’s better to get a root canal rather than a tooth extraction. 

Right Choice For Your Teeth


Root Canal can be the best way to treat an infection if a dentist is well-experienced and performs the procedure correctly. Bayberry Dental Care can be an apt choice when you want your teeth to get rid of infections. Their experts ensure you feel minimal to no pain during surgery.

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