What to expect during a dental filling

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The most common type of dental procedure in today’s modern world is the need for dental fillings.

No matter your age there are many instances when a filling may be necessary to fill a gap or a hole in a tooth. The most common reasons for a filling are tooth decay. Although others may include cracked or broken teeth, teeth that have been worn out from unusual use such as biting nails or tooth grinding (bruxism). 

When you visit your dentist they may use local anesthesia to numb the area before proceeding. Our team at Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park IL will work with you ensure you have a comfortable experience. The aim of any dentist is to make sure the patient does not experience pain during their visit.

Steps to a Dental Filling

The first step in the process includes cleaning the particular tooth. Once the tooth has been cleaned the dentist will then shape the space for the filling. Different types of filings require different shaping procedures to make sure they will stay intact through years of use. The dentist may put in a base or a liner to help protect the tooth’s pulp. This layer acts a shield to make sure the nerve endings do not get damaged from the filling.

After the filling is shaped dentist will harden the filling through the use of a special light. He or she may layer the filling multiple times and shine the light in between layers to harden it each time. This cures (hardens) the material and makes is stronger. Once this is complete the dentist will use burs (drill) to finish and polish the tooth. Polishing the tooth will make it smooth and will not cause the patient to feel their filling.

After a dental filling procedure

Some people may experience sensitivity after getting their filling. The tooth may experience high levels of sensitivity to pressure, air, sweets, or hot and cold foods. Some may even experience pain in the area after the anesthesia has worn off due to the filling being too high.

Call your dentist right away if you do experience pain in the area after your filling. The second type of discomfort may be from what is known as Galvanic Shock. It is caused by two metals producing an electric current in your mouth. This might occur if you had a previous crown placed and the new filling was placed on the opposite side. Once the two teeth meet the electric current may travel between the two metals.

Keep in mind that you should tell your dentist about any sensitivity that you may be experiencing after your filling. Being honest and open about your experience will help our team to better assist you and your loved ones in all your future visits. And most importantly don’t forget to continue your daily hygiene practice to ensure your fillings last for many years to come. For more info. Please contact Bayberry Dental Care - Dentist Tinley Park IL  

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